Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Minutes 2 August 2008


Minutes of the meeting held on 2nd August 2008 at Impala Club, Ngong Road

Present Absent With Apologies

Julie Mandu 1. Reggy Tendwa
Enid Busolo 2. Odilia Mwani
Linda N. Makokha 3. Julie Luseno
Irma Sakwa 4. Roselyn Mudambo
Clare Opiyo 5. Dr. Mary Amuyunzu-Nyamongo
Esther Enane 6. Catherine Njehia
Dr. Praxy Okutoyi 7. Jacque Mainye
Joyce Isiaho 8. Pharis Moenga
Millie Achieng 9. Noelstella Sungu
Hellen Wasilwa 10. Juliet Onyango
Maureen Busolo 11. Grace Mngola
Dr. Jacinta Wasike 12. Hedwig Mandu
Angeline Wambanda – Mukabi 13. Hedwig Nafula
Esther Amuyunzu 14. Prisca Ofuyo
Susan Otieno 15. Jennifer Ashihundu
Nancy Mukabi Ngugi 16. Nilla Mutheu
Grace Katasi 17. Evelyn Mulama
Lily Kitala 18. Grace Mudola
Frida Were 19. Caro Mumasaba
Roselyn Korongo 20. Linet Lwangu
Sabenzia Nabalayo 21. Sylvia Mulindi
Emily Lugano
Edith Ayieko

Cards Distribution
Launch Programme
Any other reports
Any Other Business

Minute 1 – Word of welcome and introductions
The meeting started with a word of prayer from Enid followed by a word of welcome from Julie who chaired the meeting.

Minute 2 – Matters arising from the previous minutes

Cards Distribution
Julie updated the members that a total of 200 cards had been printed and as at this meeting, 97 of the Kshs. 2,000 denomination had been distributed via old girls and also the cards for the VIPs of Wetern Kenya had been distributed via Jennifer Ashihundu. These were accompanied by official invitation letters

Minute 3 – Reports
· Sukuti is still confirmed at Kshs. 9,000.00
· Station Japan – Kshs. 30,000
· Kayamba Fiesta – Kshs. 30,000
· A decision to be made by 16th August 2008 and the artists must be briefed on what will be expected from them so that they deliver their money’s worth.
· The Entertainment committee was asked to liaise with Karen Mutubi on the MC by the next meeting.
· Possible MC’s include Fred Obachi Machoka, Hilary Itela, Dan Ndambuki. Follow up needed and Karen to provide her contacts also.

Publicity Committee
· Present members congratulated Karen Ayuma for her efforts in publicizing the alumni.
· Need for memoirs to be worked on seriously as this has been pending.
· Betty Dindi of Nation to be contacted and Enid to work with Elizabeth Omollo of Royal Media to publicize the same. Modalities for Radio Africa being worked out.
· The committee would organize for interviews with a few people in the days leading to the launch and Enid and Nancy were asked to represent the alumni on Mulembe FM.

Catering Committee
· Panafric already booked but the committee must pay for atleast 100 people before the launch day.
· The committee was requested to reduce the desserts so that the cost comes down.

Strategy Committee
· Apologized for not being ready with the report but will have a draft in the next meeting.
· They also asked that we consider getting a professional to assist in coming up with a good document.

Minute 4 - Programme for the day
6.30 p.m. Arrival and registration – One register will be for old girls only to capture their contacts

Welcome by the Chairperson – Dr. Mary Amuyunzu – Nyamongo
Word of Prayer

Opening Remarks – Where we have come from and where we want to go Dr. Mary Amuyunzu Nyamongo

One old girl to address the gathering

Introduction of past headteachers, Board of Governors and PTA
Mrs. Ebby Kavai


Mrs. Kavai invites Sr. Rita to address the gathering

Address by Sr. Rita

Fashion Show – Evolution of school uniform

Documentary of the status of the school

Address by Mrs. Kavai

Dr. Amuyunzu invites the Chief Guest to address the gathering

Cutting of commemoration cake – Praxy to take lead

Welcome dance and entertainment to continue

Minute 5 - Any Other Business
1. All old girls were asked to commit themselves to distributing the cards and collecting the funds before the next meeting.
2. A message needs to reach Mrs. Kavai to commit to improving the standards of the school.
3. Enid to ask the Principal to provide statistical data of examination results over the years and this needs to appear in the presentation.
4. The Guest of Honour speech to be handled by a small group of people who would meet at Helen Wasilwa’s office on Monday, NSSF, Block C 3rd Floor.
5. The organizing secretary gave a brief of how the activities leading to the formation of the alumni have evolved upto the present moment.
6. There is still a great need for mobilization and all girls should take the initiative.
7. More VIP cards were printed and given to various old girls for distribution.

There being no other business, the meeting ended with a prayer from Enid and adjourned until 9th August 2008 at the same venue from 2.30 p.m.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

22 August Launch

Hallo Ladies,

The Alumni Launch is on the 22nd of August.

The cards are ready and you are requested to arrange to pick your lot. We will be meeting every Saturday, starting this Saturday 2nd of August in preparation/support for the Launch. Those around are all requested to attend. Remember we have less than three weeks to distribute the cards. Those in the Diaspora and are willing to support are ALL welcome and you can get in touch with me or Enid. Lets come together to make MUKUMU a better place.

Thank you and God bless you.

Edith Adem
Assistant Organising Secretary

Friday, July 11, 2008


Opening Prayer
Confirmation of Previous Minutes
Matters arising from the Previous Minutes
Any other business
Meeting Notes, Decisions, Issues
Min 7/06/08
The meeting started with a word of prayer by Lily Otsyula followed by a word of welcome from the vice chairperson Julie Mandu.

Min 8/06/08
The minutes were read by Linda and confirmed:
Carol Aganyanya presented to the members a copy of the draft constitution she had produced. We appreciate her effort.
With the assistance of Hellen Wasilwa members read through the constitution as follows;

- The Name of the Alumni will be MUKUMU GIRLS ALUMNI ASSOCIATION
- Friends of the Alumni who are willing to pay the subscription are welcomed to join.
- The Executive committee members are voluntarily until such a time when members will call for an AGM.
- Hellen and Caro will finalize on the constitution by end of week to enable registration to follow through.
- Caro was advice to reserve a name for the alumni for the registration.

Julie passed a message from Susan that she spoke to the principal who promised to scan and email the Logo to her. Members agreed that it was best if we work with our own Logo and Edith Okama volunteered to design a logo for the Alumni.
Julie reported that Gladys Sakaja sent an emailing apologizing that she will not be able to delivery what she had promised since she will be out of the country for a month.
Patricia Ndenga agreed to take charge of the compilation of memoirs
Edith Okama will take over the designing of Mugs and T-shirts
Prisca said that she had talked to a number of people who were willing to pay the registration fees although they will not be able to come for the meeting.
Members who are ready with their registration fees can M-pesa their contribution to Linda Makokha on 0721425864, please indicate you name.
Claire Opiyo got a quotation from PanAfric Hotel for the Alumni night dinner. The charges are 1400/= for dinner and no charge for the venue. Their venue accommodates 300 guests if we happen to be more we should have a plan B.
Praxy agreed to have a chat with PanAfric Hotel on the charges.
Carol Mumasaba and Sally to explore Blog possibility, requested to report progress next meeting
Members are encouraged to be proactive in terms of communication and get to know what’s happening.
Edith appealed to members to keep on building the Alumni register so as to get as many members as possible.
Julie is to work with Edith and make sure the cards are printed as soon as possible for distribution ASAP.
A member raised a suggestion that we should have a commitment fee even if one missed a meeting to boost in the activities of the Alumni.
Alumni launch date was set to be on 22nd of August. Karen promised create awareness to members by placing an advert in The Standard Newspaper on 3rd July for the Alumni launch. Hope you saw it.

· Remember to pray for the Alumni launch to be a success every WEDNESDAY.
· Congragulations to Year 1991 for being the largest group in participation, Kudos once again.
Members were told to note their respective committee and form a task force. They can also meet at their convenient time to achieve their goals.
There being no other business to discuss the meeting adjourned.
Next Meeting
12th July 2008
Impala Club, Ngong Road
Review of activities and way forward

Action Items
Assigned to
Due Date
Membership Registration
- Edith – Update list of member email and phone numbers.
- Linda - handling registration fees
On going
Requesting members to help build the Alumni register and encouraage more to registered
Registration of the Alumni Association –Caro Aganyanya to ensure progress and report.
Hellen/Caro Ag.
The constitution ready, registration by 8th July.
Sponsorship for the alumni launch:
Julie - Michael Okwiri of Celtel
Hedwig - Mumias Sugar
Linda - General Motors.
Julie/ Hedwig/ Linda
26th June 2008
Pending: Julie and Linda to draft own letter and contact respective
Current Principal of Mukumu Girls, to
- The history of the school,
- Discuss the planned activities to lobby their support
12th July 2008
- School History
- Confirmation by pricipal on attending Alumni launch.
Compilation of “memoirs”
Email details to Patricia Ndenga at that she can do the necessary
Pending – Patricia Ndenga will assist the Publicity Committee.
Alumni Logo,
Designing of mugs, t-shirts for the alumni launch.
Edith Okama
26th July 2008
Pending – Edith to present sample to members next meeting.
Publicity Committee to help in areas of advertising - Rachel Matendechere
- Joyce Ongachi Isiaho
- Irene Amogola
- Jecinter Hezron
- Jacqueline Lubya
- Sally Malova
- Prisca Ofuyo
12th July 2008
Rates sent by Rachel from Nation: awaiting more rates for advertising.
Draft a letter - Guest of Honour, Board and all VIP.
The Legal Committee to get a constitution
- Helen Wasilwa
- Grace Katasi
- Mary Nyamongo
- Carolyne Aganyanya
- Lucy Nyambura
28th June 2008
The Entertainment Committee
- Nancy Mukabi
- Enid Busolo
- Caroline Mumasaba
- Irma Sakwa
12th July 2008
Pending - list/quote for entertainment on the day of launch.
The Social/Welfare Committee
- Dr. Praxy Okutoyi
- Esther Amuyunzu
- Esther Enane
- Claire Opiyo
- Imelda Makatiani
- Jacinter Hezron
12th July 2008
Praxy to talk to PanAfric Hotel on a better rate,
feedback next meeting.
Fundraising Committee
- Interim Committee members
- All year representatives.
To work with Edith Okama and come up with cards for distribution next meeting.
Strategy Committee
- Dr. Mary Amuyunzu
- Susan Otieno
- Angeline Wambanda
- Dr. Mildred Mudany
12th July
Angeline is to come up with a draft of the Alumni Vision 2020.